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Table with laptop and large speakers, digitization equipment for analog audio

The Stanford Media Preservation Lab is dedicated to preserving and enhancing access to original sound and moving image materials that are held by Stanford Libraries. Working closely with curators, archivists, conservators, and library staff, our core operations focus on creating a high-quality copy of the original content in a digital format that is easily accessed by researchers and the Stanford Libraries community.

Stanford Media Preservation Lab

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Supported formats

The Stanford Media Preservation Lab supports a variety of formats found in our collections: 

Audio Video
Cylinder, Dictabelt, Dictaphone cylinder 1/2" EIAJ-1, 1/2” Sony CV
Transcription disc (AKA "acetate" or "lacquer") VHS (NTSC/PAL/SECAM, S-VHS, VHS-C, D-VHS)
78 rpm disc (AKA "shellac") 3/4" U-Matic (LB, HB, SP)
LP (AKA "vinyl") Betamax (NTSC, ED Betamax)
Audiocassette Digital Betacam
Microcassette Betacam (oxide, SP)
1/4-inch analog reel (quarter track stereo, half track and full track; 15/16, 1-7/8, 3-3/4, 7-1/2, 15, 30 ips) Video8 (8mm), Hi8 and Digital8
1/2-inch analog reel (half track: 15, 30 ips; four track: 3-3/4, 7-1/2, 15, 30 ips) DV (MiniDV, DVCAM, HDV, DVCPRO/50/HD)
Digital Audio Tape (DAT) LaserDisc
Compact Disc (CD) DVD

Although we are unable to digitize film in-house, original motion picture film materials (8mm, 16mm, 35mm) are inspected for content as well as format identification and physical condition. Lab staff work with professional vendors that provide film-to-film or film-to-video transfer services.